About R&R Sealcoating

Part owner and operator of R&R Sealcoating LLC, Nick has grown up around the asphalt and sealcoating business, bringing with him a plethora of experience. Nick has been under the tutelage of his father, having been taught everything he knows. Adding to his resume, Nick has completed his CDL certification and currentlyholds a heavy equipment license. Currently employed with Yoss Construction forthe last 4 years, Nick is responsible for bidding on jobs and gathering the materialsfor paving and laying asphalt. Prior to Nick and Zach Hill owning the business, Nick’s father, Rob Reinart, owned the business for 15 years. To extend the legacyof the family business, Nick’s father has since handed down the business to Nickand his partner Zach.

Part owner and operator of R&R Sealcoating LLC, Zach is responsible for half of the day-to-day business operations. Graduating from UW-Whitewater with adegree in Business Administration, Zach’s major focuses on business finance withan emphasis in real estate. Currently in pursuit of his real estate sales and broker’slicenses, Zach hopes to expand his knowledge to help the business grow and further assist customers. Despite being in school for the last 5 years, Zach hassuccessfully ran the sealcoating business in conjunction with Nick, monitoring the financials and making sure the business grows to its potential. Zach not only bringshis financial education to the table, but he also brings a diverse outlook to the business after traveling the world. Extended studies in Japan and the neighboring country of Vietnam have given Zach a unique perspective that adds to his business credentials.

Locations Serviced

Rockford, IL | Beloit, WI | South Beloit, IL | Madison, WI | Elgin, IL | Chicago, IL | Janesville, WI | Lake Geneva, WI | Monroe, WI | Delevan, WI